Talk N Text Promo - 5 Pesos only

Do you have 5 pesos balance in your account and want get UNLI? In Talk 'N Text that will be possible, for as low as 5 pesos you can enjoy, text or even Facebook access which value for unlimited. you can continue texting and chatting with your friends wherever you are at anytime.

I always using this promos for emergencies and it helps me great. I always thanks for TNT for luanching this affordable promos to its subscribers. TULOY-TULOY ANG SAYA SA TNT MGA KATROPA

See you 5 pesos below, what promo you are going to register, just pick it up!

U5 - For only 5 pesos, Unli-text to TNT and Smart, valid for 1 hour.
Keyword:>> U5 to 4545

UNLI5 - For only 5 pesos, Unli-text to TNT/Smart, valid for 12 hours.
Keyword:>> UNLI5 to 4445

FB5 - 5 pesos only, Unlimited Facebook (FB), valid for 1 day.
Keyword:>> FACEBOOK to 5555

For to those who are first time to register, keep in mind to wait the confirmation message before using the offer, don't be hurry to avoid any problems in your registration. Just enjoy!