Talk N Text Promos – U10, TOT10, GU15, GA15, UNLI15, AP20 - TNT Promo

The promos of Talk N Text that often use by the most of TNT subscribers. From the previous year 2013 up this year 2014 and I guess it will still active up to the future years, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 TNT promos. Still, those TNT promos working fine to serve TNT subscribers 24/7 nationwide.

If you ask me, I always using GU15 if I have enough load of P15.00, TOT10 if I have important transaction that needs a calls. U10 if I want to sent GM to my friends and classmates for having fun if I am bored. Jejejeje… Sunset never set on Talk N Text, everyday is always morning.

* U10 – P10.00 only, unli-text to valid for 1 day of use.
U10 send to 4545

* TOT10 – 10 pesos, calls and text valid for 1 day.
TOT10 send to 4545

* AP20 – Unli-texts to all networks + unli-calls to TNT, valid for 1 day, P20.00 only.
AP20 send to 4545

* GA15 – P15.00 only, valid for 1 day, 150 texts to all net plus 15 mins call to Smart and TNT users.
GA15 send to 4545

* UNLI15 – 15 pesos, 2 days unlimited texts to TNT/Smart, valid for 2 days.
UNLI15 send to 4545

* GU15 – 15 pesos good for 2 days of use, unlimited texts + calls
GU15 send to 3545

You can register anytime you want but be sure you meet the requirements needed or you may have enough load before registering the promo to avoid any problems or errors sending your registration. Not only errors but it possible that your load balance will be affected; some promos of Talk N text deducted your load balance if you do an invalid registration. But don’t worry about that if happen, just 1 peso, you can barrow load if you want or you can ask a load from friends: >>> TNT Barrow-Load and TNT Ask-A-Load.