List of TNT Promos 2015 - 2016 Package

As long period of Talk 'N text promo I organized its promo according to its promo package if it is Text, Call, Call and Text, and Mobile Internet Promos. I thinks it is the best way for you guys to look what Talk 'N text promo you are going to register.
Below are the names of Talk 'N text promo and its package category if where its belong. Just click the TNT Promo Title link to enter and see the registration code and how to use it. Select the right package that are right for you!


List of Talk n Text (TNT)  HOT  Numbers: [ *808 ] [ *7572 ] *2222 ] [ *7871 ]

Talk n Text (TNT) Promos:

Talk 'N text Call Promos:

  • STOK15 - P15, 20 mins. call to TNT/SMART, Valid for 2 days.
  • STOK30 - 45 Minutes of Consumable Call Valid for 4 Days: 30 Pesos Only.
  • KATOK10/KATOK15 - 1 Day - 1 Way and 2 Ways Unlimited Call: 10 or 15 Pesos Only.
Talk 'N text Mobile Internet:
Talk 'N text International Promos:
  • TXT60 - 20 Text International, 90 Text to Smart/TNT and 10 off-net Texts Valid for 2 Days: 60 Pesos Only. 
  • KT20 - International Texting 1 day validity: 20 Pesos Only. 
  • 3PIDD - 3 pesos per minute call.
Talk 'N text Champion Sim Promos:
  • UTNT - 1 Day Unlimited call and Text: 10 Pesos Only. 
I hope it will help you a lot guys. Please leave the comment for me develop this blog to serve you effectively. Thanks and God Bless!

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